Anne-Laure Py

Founder and Director of Craftspring

I felt disconnected from the passion and the energy that had originally driven me to start my own business. I was disconnected from my company’s mission and had a hard time imagining our future growth. I was in a rut, and don’t think I even fully recognized it. Alison first helped me to re-energize personally – helping me to re-discover my successes and also envision challenging and exciting futures. Alison’s energy and positive attitude is contagious and helped me to revitalize and focus on all of the good and strong things that were in my life and grow from those places of confidence and strength. She also helped me to explore the obstacles and difficulties in my life and gave me some strong tools that I find myself using over and over again. This work easily translated into re-energizing my business and our business growth. Alison helped me to map out the future steps I wanted to take with my business, and gave me the tools to tap into the confidence, discipline and energy that I need to spur and continue this growth.
Alison has a very pragmatic and positive approach to challenges – and I find that when I now face challenges I am better equipped to face them. I also appreciate that she continues to challenge me to look at the things that hinder me, or trip me up and see if they can offer me some growth opportunities. Working with Alison has given me a set of emotional and thinking tools that I have been able to use and implement to improve many aspects of my life.

Mandeep Bedi

Business Consultant

Before working with Alison I was struggling with *accepting* my life as it was and living a life that I thought I was meant to live…

We worked on how to live in the now, how to be fully present and embracing the gift of life without a fixed outcome.

I discovered surrendering and living in the flow of the Universe which in turn made my life flow with ease, joy and pure happiness.

Moving forward, I will now face uncertainty with strength and confidence. She made me realize that life is one big beautiful canvas that we get to paint every morning when the sun rises…

Alison’s coaching was just what I needed because of her amazing intuition and empathic skills. I valued the foresight she provided for each session always delivered with her love and light… I recommend her to anyone seeking a *shift* in their life towards more synchronicity, more flow, more joy, more LOVE.

Katherine Leonetti

MBA Candidate and Forté Fellow,
Cornell University

When I started working with Alison, my main challenge was balancing a healthy lifestyle with the rigors and stresses of building a life in New York City. Since working with Alison I am able to be much more intentional in setting goals for myself and taking tangible steps towards a healthier self. She has helped me to better understand the connections between my health and emotional triggers, enabling me to work on the root causes of certain behaviors. Her emphasis on setting concrete, manageable goals has set a great example for me. Alison has a talent for identifying limitations that people set for themselves and helping them to break down these self-imposed barriers.

Marcy Adams

Business Owner

I had a person renting a room in my house who turned against me financially. He continued to an attack on my personal character, my business, and even my mother. This caused me much distress and I finally had to take legal action to solve the problem. Our session revealed both past and present emotional imbalances I have encountered. Since then I have defined and realigned my personal relationship with love/money. Before I had experienced fear and lack, which brought exactly that into my life. I also became aware of the affect the resentment I held against my mother had taken on my life. Since our session, I’ve realized the value of forgiveness, both for ourselves and others. Alison helped me realize whatever it is I want to attract in my life whether: love, abundance, honesty, respect, or authenticity, I need to epitomize these qualities in my being. Thank you Alison. You are a positive, insightful guide who leads by example with wisdom and integrity.

Hannah Suzanna

Fine Art Photographer

When I started one on one coaching with Alison I was constantly feeling discontented and unfulfilled, but I didn’t know how to change that. We worked on staying present with discomfort, persistence while trying to figure out my dreams, and getting over my fear of rejection. I discovered that I could actually reach my goals which gave me the confidence to grow my Instagram following to over 6000, land multiple art shows, and move to New York to pursue art. Moving forward I will now face challenges with confidence, persistence, and a dash of laughter. Alison’s coaching was just what I needed because she could remind me how amazing life is even when I was at my lowest. I valued her ability to inspire me in a way that fueled my internal sources of motivation. I recommend her to anyone seeking direction in their life.

Simon Lowrie

COO, Real Estate Development

Alison helped me find practical tools to deal with negative self-talk and accountability tools in dealing with deadlines and agreements to complete tasks in my work. If you are ready to do the work, Alison is ready to give you challenging yet manageable exercises and tools to try out. She moves at whatever pace you are ready for but knows when to give you a nudge when you need it. The work we have done has led to tangible results in my health, personal and professional life, such as loosing over 20lbs in 6 weeks. Alison’s coaching and encouragement led to my nomination and selection for San Luis Obispo County’s ‘Top 20 Under 40’ [an award that recognizes change-makers & leaders].

Marissa Feinberg

Chief Storyteller at Triple Bottom Why Consulting

Alison is creative, inventive, inspiring and helped me think of 10 new, resourceful next steps for my own life in just one hour! Alison is also daring and brave, inspiring me to push my own boundaries and explore parts of myself left unturned. I highly recommend working with Alison for anyone exploring the difference they want to create in the world!

Anahita Moghaddam

Founder and Coach at Neural Beings

Alison’s joyous wisdom helped me end a relationship with integrity, strength and compassion. I’m deeply grateful for her generosity and healthy provocation of my blindspots.

Ashley Smith


Before I started working with Alison, I was having trouble selling myself, my talents and my products to people. We worked on stepping into my power, finding my natural strengths and vibrancy, and eventually getting clear on what my ideal world would look like. She gave me exercises and articles to read that helped me begin to build this life from where I’m at currently. I really valued her ability to listen and compliment me when I wasn’t really listening to myself. I recommend her to anyone wanting to hit the re-set button and shift they’re perspective on what their capable of.

Josep Carrizo

Entrepreneur and Activist

Alison is an excellent coach for both personal and professional sides. She helped me to identify my goals in life and to define a guideline to accomplish all my projects. Nowadays the amount of information we get from media, internet, books… is too much. There are hundreds of articles about entrepreneurship, getting things done, marketing plans, strategy, improving relationships, etc. so you never know which one better fits for you. It seems that Alison has read all of them as she filtered all that content for me, giving me the tools I needed every moment. Thanks for guiding me in life.