Group Coaching for Women
One 75 Minute Call Each Month
For 6 Months

Women who inspire you to be your best self.

The Sacred Goddess Group is a sisterhood of women who seek to enrich their lives by connecting with each other. This group is especially for driven, successful women and experienced creators. The group will serve both to slow you down and take stock as well as give you the motivation and support to reach your highest goals and dreams. Enter your name and email below to learn more about Sacred Goddess Group and to get exclusive life enhancing tips.

You deserve to feel whole and enough, all the time.
Sacred Goddess Group can help.

All of the women in Sacred Goddess Group help me reflect on who I am and what really matters to me. The group helps me stay connected to my “why,” which keeps me motivated to create my ideal life.



  • Six 75 minute coaching calls
  • Personal attention within group by life coach
  • A reminder than you’re whole, enough, and “normal”
  • Permission to be weird
  • Accountability for goals
  • Encouragement from women in the group
  • Network of women with similar goals and aspirations
  • Access to the private Facebook group for support between calls
  • Discount on bi-annual retreats
  • Discount on Alison’s 3 and 4 month one-on-one coaching programs
  • Goddess welcome package including Warrior Goddess Training book, Goddess Oracle cards, and special 14k gold fill or sterling silver moon necklace

Next group starts September 2016!

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What Sacred Goddesses are Saying

Being in Alison’s group has helped me feel less alone with the challenges in my life and give me strength by showing that other inspiring women face similar ones! I’m touched by how the group has enabled me to connect with women I did not know at all before on a deep level very quickly. Francesca Pick, OuiShare, Paris, France
Being part of this group has helped me to generate change in my life. I was able to leave a job that I hated, learn to ask for help, and to start saying “no”- all with the support of a network of women who were patient and kind. This opportunity presented itself at an important time in my life, and I’m so glad I listened and dove in! Taylor Murphy-Sinclair, Los Angeles, CA
All of the women in Sacred Goddess Group help me reflect on who I am and what really matters to me. The group helps me stay connected to my “why,” which keeps me motivated to create my ideal life. I’ve grown the audience of my fine art photography from 500 to over 5000. I moved from California to NY where I am dedicating myself to my art.Hannah Suzanna, Photographer, New York, NY
I joined the Sacred Goddess Group because I was looking for more connection in my life and on a deeper level. There’s something so freeing and empowering about being a part of a group of strong women and feeling supported by them and being able to support them right back. The group is allowing me to be more open with other people, which is forcing me to be more open with myself, which is something I didn’t realize that I needed. It’s bringing me sort of a peace of mind reminder that really at the core of it all we’re all going through the same things. We all really want the same things out of life which is to love and be loved and supported. The connection with these women helps provide that. Brittany Streissguth, Fashion Blogger, Seattle, WA

Program Details

Monthly Calls

Calls happen once a month for six months. Each session lasts for 75 minutes.

Personal Coaching

Small groups allow Alison to give personalized coaching insights. Calls consist of Alison and 4 women.

Supportive Women

Join a network of badass women who will support you in becoming the best version of yourself.

Annual Retreat Discount

Meet Sacred Goddesses in person at exotic locations during Alison’s annual coaching retreats.


Sacred Goddess Group is a monthly group coaching group. Calls happen once a month for 75 mins for 6 months. Each call has a different theme. There are 4 women in each group. Sometimes Alison coaches and sometimes Alison leads the Goddesses to coach each other. Goddesses share challenges and we support each other to show up as our best selves.

Examples: learning how to say no, coping with the death of a loved one, asking for a raise, showing up powerfully to a male dominated workplace, starting a new business, learning how to not be jealous/envious of other women’s success, feeling grateful and satisfied with what we have, having healthy relationships, building a strong community, and many more topics!


Sacred Goddess Group is for women who know the value and benefit of coaching: that we can achieve more when we are held accountable for our goals. SGG is for women who are seeking to expand their community of powerful, spiritual women, knowing that the best connections can come from the most unexpected places. Meeting someone new could lead to a new job, a collaboration, a travel companion, a crazy new insight, who knows!

Sacred Goddesses are women who want it all: a strong, powerful, successful career, and also a fun, fulfilling, meaningful life full of play, magic, and wonder. They are curious and strive always to learn more and be their best.

They say that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Surround yourself with others who are creative, driven, and positive and see your life change.


As soon as a group is formed, we will vote on the best weekly time to talk, either on Saturday or Sunday, once a month for 6 months. The call will be the same day and time each month.

We will keep the dialogue going between calls in the Sacred Goddess Group Facebook Group, a private group for members only.

Next group will start May 2016.


Sacred Goddess Group packages start at $89/mo.

After you fill out the application of interest, someone from our team will contact you to set up a call to answer your questions, hear your goals and what you want to get out of joining this coaching group, and will help you decide if the group is right for your needs. If so, you will then have a phone call with Alison, who will make an invitation for you to join the group if it seems like a good fit.

Program includes:
+welcome package of fun goodies by real mail!
+discounts on annual retreat and other coaching packages
+six 75 min group coaching calls with 3 other women

Alison Cebulla is a life coach based in Austin, Tx. She has a bachelors of science from UC Berkeley and is a Certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She has blogged for The Huffington Post about kindness and leads 11,000+ Instagram followers through @coffee_and_kindness to live lives of gratitude, kindness, and mindfulness.