Give Up Sugar For Good

Learn the most painless way to end sugar cravings for good.

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    Improve your physical health

    Reduce body fat, increase energy and focus, prevent disease, and feel amazing all the time.

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    Implement healthy habits

    Get the kick you need to keep at all the healthy habits you know you should be doing to feel your best.

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    Overcome emotional eating & feel in control

    Learn about the neuroscience of eating, emotional eating, addiction & the brain, and the evolutionary reasons we are drawn to sweets (and how to overcome our biology).

    Program details

    • 10 weeks long
    • Starts Jan 1st, 2018
    • Ends March 11th, 2018
    • Includes access to private Facebook community of those taking the challenge
    • Includes how-to guide and recipes
    • Includes resources list of books and videos
    • Receive an email at the start of each week introducing a new theme with a practice or challenge to help you give up sugar for good
    • Receive daily motivation emails M-F
    • Live webinars with Q&A with Alison

    Topics covered

    • Emotions and eating
    • Habits and eating
    • Specific meal suggestions
    • Nutrition 101: Macronutrients, micronutrients and how to get the amounts you need
    • How to increase dopamine (feel-good brain chemical) in healthy ways
    • Brain health and the biology of desire
    • Physical health
    • Psychology of addiction and how to re-wire
    • How to make permanent change for long term health
    • What the body does on sugar
    • The difference between fructose, glucose, and other confusing food things

    Who is this program for? Anyone:

    • looking to improve their health, increasing healthy habits and decreasing the unhealthy ones
    • who knows that sugar consumption isn’t serving their best, highest self
    • seeking a deep dive into the psychology, neuroscience, and biology of eating, desire, and addiction
    • wanting to quit or reduce sugar consumption for 10 weeks, 1 year, life, or any length of time. I will teach you the tools to give it up for good but how long you go is up to you.
    • looking to do a deep dive on some core emotional eating topics, building emotional vocabulary and resiliency which can be applied in relationships, business, with family, and for overall improved mental health

    Why mindfulness makes the biggest difference

    What partipants are saying:

    • “The accountability was really great. If I was doing this myself I might have made it a few days, but knowing that others are doing the same thing was a really great motivator.” – Lindsey C.
    • “The best part is I really don’t feel like I’ve given up that much.” – Simon L.
    • “I lost 8 pounds [in 10 weeks]. I also cut out lots of other carbs just FYI. Pretty much went paleo. That common afternoon slump and familiar sleepiness while driving have all but been eliminated. It’s kind of amazing. I guess now realizing that it ain’t no thing to live sugar free! In the beginning I was on a no-sugar high, jumping up and down about it. I’m still just as enthusiastic, but after 10 weeks, it really has become part of my life. The newness is gone. The transition into this new life is complete.” – Nicole L.
    • “[My biggest discovery was] SUGAR IS EVERYWHERE.” – Kendra J.

    My story of giving up sugar

    What are the benefits of giving up sugar?

    10 Week Program: Jan 1 – March 11


    • Lose weight / get lean
    • Get fit & in shape
    • Feel more energy
    • End addictive cravings and negative food thought cycles
    • Feel in control of your food choices
    • End emotional eating
    • Flawless skin
    • Improve breath and body odor
    • Increase healthy habits like exercise, eating well, and keeping a positive mindset
    • End brain fogs forever

    The biggest challenge in giving up sugar

    Do not think that peace is not possible for you.Jack Kornfield

    Why give up sugar “for good”?

    We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.Aristotle
    What we discipline is not our ‘badness’ or our ‘wrongness.’ What we discipline is any form of potential escape from reality.Pema Chödrön

    10 Week Program: Jan 1 – March 11

    What are the rules and objective of the program?

    Can I eat fruit?


    What is the real reason we are giving up sugar?

    10 Week Program: Jan 1 – March 11

    Emotion is the chief source of all becoming conscious. There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion.Carl Jung