Gratitude for my Dreams that Have Come True


Life is pretty miraculous. I want to take a few moments to recognize all the dreams of mine that have come true in my life. It is easy to get into a rut of wanting more, feeling dissatisfied and forgetting

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My First Coach


Content warning: that sex between consenting adults exists (nothing graphic/suggestive).

Hey friends. I now have space for and am enrolling new 1-on-1 coaching clients.

Wth is a life coach, anyway? It seems weird if you’ve never worked with one.

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Anti-Depressant AMA


Everything you ever wanted to know. Ask me anything #ama here in comments or a direct message since there’s still a stigma against discussing depression.

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Contempt is a Form of Violence


(As per usual, patronizing comments will be ignored. Thank you in advance for not doing that, which can be a knee-jerk reaction, I understand.)

It has become popular in recent years to use the word “humbled” in place of “honored”

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Admitting My Parents Weren’t Perfect


This weekend I got the chance to hang out with some adorable small children. They belong to a dear friend of mine.

“They” (you know, they) say that children are our best teachers. I got a lesson that made me

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