Gratitude for my Dreams that Have Come True


Life is pretty miraculous. I want to take a few moments to recognize all the dreams of mine that have come true in my life. It is easy to get into a rut of wanting more, feeling dissatisfied and forgetting gratitude and wonder. Well, I speak for myself. For me, unless I practice gratitude EVERY SINGLE DAY then nothing I have is ever enough — I become a hungry ghost. I complain, I gossip, I focus on what I don’t yet have.

When I look back on my life, SO MANY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE IT’S CRAZY!

In 1994 when I was 9 years old we traveled to NYC for Uncle Dave’s wedding. I started forming a dream to live in that magnificent city and made that dream come true 2013–2015. When I was in 1st grade I wanted to be a Princess when I grew up and when I was 17 I won the Miss Teen Arroyo Grande pageant and was given a beautiful grown that I got to wear in a bevy of parades while wearing princess gowns. In 2008 after getting out of a four year relationship I dreamed up living in Europe and in 2009 I move to Belgium and lived in Europe for a year. Then in 2009 in Belgium I got this idea that I wanted to be a health coach. I took a leap and sign up for nutrition school in 2013 and graduated in 2014, launching my own coaching business that year. I grew up dreaming about attending the best universities and I graduated from the #1 public university in the United States in 2009. I loved loved writing and reading as a kid and 2014 I saw my blogs published in Huffington Post. In 2011 I had two jobs that paid me to hang out at the beach in CA while promoting resource conservation. In 2009 I heard about this crazy electronic music festival called EDC and I got myself there in 2013 and 14. I have lived in or traveled to 15 countries despite having not grown up in a traveling family. In 2014 I saw that I could run the NY marathon with charity Every Mother Counts and founder Christy Turlington was always a hero of mine. It scared the sh*t out of me to think about raising $3500 to run with the team but I did it. I also met the person I always idolized the most, author Malcolm Gladwell — ran into him FOUR TIMES in NYC. In 2013 I randomly emailed another favorite author Neil Strauss and offered to volunteer at an intensive weekend workshop he was leading. He said that was cool and I got to meet some of the most amazing humans that weekend many of whom have become close friends and people who have inspired me to be my best. This past fall, after running my own business for a year, I got down on my hands and knees and asked the universe if I could please just have a normal job again, a small fair trade company would be nice. I am not joking not even 1 tiny small amount, a few days later I got an email out of the blue — a job had become available at a small fair trade company and was I interested and could I start next week.

If you read this far, thank you. I want to emphasize the power of asking for what we want. I regularly get down on my knees and talk to “the universe.” Maybe it’s just me that hears these prayers but it works. So many dreams have come true in my life, I should never have anything to complain about. More big dreams this year.

:) what big dreams of yours did you make come true? What big dreams are in store? Comment or PM me. Love you all.

EDIT: I realized a huge childhood dream of mine a few weeks ago by seeing PANDAS at the San Diego zoo with Laura Hofmann. It was emotional!

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